Mt. Hollywood

General | Jan 15, 2018 | Carlos Castillo

Once upon a time there was a majestic mountain range. On its snowy peaks dwelled the Hollywood Gods.

Far below, in a valley, were a series of hills. On these hills lived those deigned by the gods as being worthy of the gods’ blessings. These were the Hill Dwellers. A few Latinos occupied these hills. They had worked diligently to attain their own hill. It had been no easy task; Latino Hill Dwellers were a rarity. These guys had bucked the odds.

At the foot of the hills were the Ground Dwellers. Among the Ground Dwellers were Latinos who aspired to one day have a hill of their own. To appeal to the Hollywood Gods was folly; they were too high up to hear pleas from the valley floor.

So the Latino Ground Dwellers sought the help of their brethren in the hills. Surely they could relate to the ambition to have a hill of one’s own? On a regular basis a Latino Ground Dweller would ascend one of the Latino-ruled hills, usually toting a relic such as a screenplay or reel to prove his worthiness.

But the Latino Hill Dweller had a different perspective of the Ground Dwellers: they were interlopers.

“These Latino Ground Dwellers are a threat to MY hill,” thought the Latino Hill Dweller. “They want to take my place above the ground horde. The Hollywood Gods have deigned ME with their favor. I alone am the Chosen One to represent the Latino horde. How dare these interlopers!”

But the Latino Hill Dweller knew that to crush the ascending Ground Dwellers with a boulder or two would not look good and maybe invite scorn from the Hollywood Gods. (The gods wanted the ground horde to believe that they, too, could one day become gods.)

So on this particular day the Latino Hill Dweller met the interloper on the hillside. He greeted him warmly and accepted the man’s screenplay. “Sure,” said the Latino Hill Dweller, “I’ll do all I can to help you get a hill of your own.”

The Latino Ground Dweller beamed in appreciation, thanked the hill dweller for his support and made his way back down to the ground horde.

The Latino Hill Dweller returned to his perch at the top of the hill. He disassembled the screenplay and when a forceful wind blew through, he released the pages into the gust, scattering them near and far. Then, he sat smugly atop the crest of the hill, sure in his belief that the Hollywood Gods were smiling down upon him, for they could be a duplicitous lot in their own right. This proved that the Latino Hill Dweller was truly one of them!

But then one day the gods stirred up great winds. The Latino Hill Dweller’s hill was disintegrating and re-forming in the distance. The Hill Dweller rushed to claim this new spot. But as he approached, he saw that it was already occupied by a new “talent” the gods had deigned with attention and good fortune. When the Latino Hill Dweller returned to his hill, it was gone. He realized he was now a part of the ground horde once again…


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